Check24 is the most known comparison portal in the German market. At the same time it also has extraordinary distinctions among competitors. For this reasons I also use it privately and would recommend it to everyone.

Postpaid contracts

Step 1: Open the online application

Step 2: Select the general requirements for your phone contract

If you select “No” at “Phone desired” choose your “life length of the contract” or continue choosing your wished phone.

Without  a phone…?

If you chose contracts including a phone “Handys mit Vertrag” this comparison of contracts with different kind of phones would come up. To find the correct one you should select an option in each of the 4 boxes shown below.

After this you choose the phone most fits your needs and press on “…Tarife vergleichen” (compare contracts).

This leads to a contract comparison of different providers which you can scroll down.

If you still want to do some changes regarding your phone and your contract you can adjust it on the left-hand side scrolling down.

On the right-hand side you can find the different contracts from you can choose from.

To assure you the best contract you should also look up the extended details pressing “Details”. This will then come up. The details are then separated into 4 parts, on which you can click on the left side.

Press “weiter” (continue) if you found your contract. This is “Ihre Auswahl” (your selection) with its contract details again. Press “zur Bestellung” (to your order) to continue the process. An extra insurance as a protection for water and breakage damages can also be included (scroll down to find these options).


Then press the button “To your order” (Zur Bestellung) when having chosen the needed insurance

Your personal data can then be filled in and press “weiter” (continue).

Here you can also at the same time open a customer account at CHECK24 to view your contract deals and get special offers/coupons. Just put in a password of your choice. Then  press “weiter” (continue).

Here you have to fill in your “Zahlungsdaten” (banking details), your IBAN (International Bank Account Number).

If you want to apply your old phone number to this contract “Rufnummermitnahme” please fill in the demanded information and please press on the button “zur Bestellübersicht” (to the order overview).

Please check your order and continue pressing the button “Kauf abschließen” (finish purchase).