My Name ist Juan Barcia Mas and I was an architecture student in the Technical University of Munich in Germany for four years until August 2017. Before moving to Germany, I lived all my life in Spain, in Valencia and Madrid, and I went to the German School, which gave me the opportunity to study in Germany. First of all I should say that I wasn’t very sure about going abroad and about living in Germany. I was feeling very good at home and didn’t want to leave that early. Nevertheless, I visited Munich for the admission interview and therefore I visited the really nice university buildings, which convinced me of studying there. Today, after the four years of the Bachelor in Architecture, I think it was the best decision of my life.

One of the many reasons for this, is the excellence of German universities, which are on top of the European universities. I can mostly speak for the Architecture faculty, which has very well qualified and many international professors and assistants, many studios and working spaces for the students, a students model workshop and a very nice cafeteria. It also offers a very broad variety of design studios, which I think its very important for the first years of architectural education to show you the many paths you can follow.

Besides, if you are a good student, the university offers you many scholarships or additional coaching programs for well qualified students and for this, it doesn’t matter if your nationality is German or not. I got a scholarship to live in an international house financially supported by the Bavarian construction industry. I got to live in a very nice student house with a lot of international students and a program consisting of lectures from important architects or civil engineers, seminars, like leadership seminars, and workshops by guest scientists.

Summing up I’m very grateful to Germany and its education system which is, by the way, very cheap (more or less 100€ per semester).

Furthermore I felt very well integrated in Munich. The university had many introductory events which made it possible to meet new people and make friends very soon. It is true that Bavarian people are very traditional, but at the same time they are very open minded and welcoming. Moreover, I meet a lot of people from all around the world, because the TU Munich is a very international university. As an example, half of the students from the Master of Architecture are from outside of Germany.

Other minor things that made studying in Germany a wonderful experience were that Munich is a very beautiful and comfortable city to live in and very well situated to visit other beautiful cities in central Europe.

My best advice:     JUST TRY IT OR YOU REGRET IT!

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