When arriving in Germany, you will have to take care of your everyday needs. These consist of food and beverages, electronic devices, simple furniture and also cosmetic items. Below we have listed the different types of supermarkets and compared them in categories of availability, prices or products, to enable you to decide which one may suit you the most.

Overview of household stores

Types of supermarketsPricesRange of productsLocationsOwn-brandsPros/Cons

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Very cheapFocuses on a few products,
mainly on no-name products

Food & beverages
~ 4.500

~ 3.500

~ 2.148

~ 3.881

~ 1.210
Many house-brands that are little known, as little to no marketing is done to allow for cheap prices Very cheap
Clearly arranged, good layout
Many locations

Small range of products
Not many well-known brands

CheapExtensive range of products

Biggest variety of goods
~ 600

~ 293

Real /-bio /-quality /-selection, TiP
Wide range of products
Many brands

Overwhelming diversity
Impersonal ambience

More expensiveBroad range of products

Mainly food & beverages
~ 3.300

~ 1.800

Gut & Günstig, elklos
Nicely structured and welcoming
Many products, also many brands


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AverageMainly cosmetics 1.825


Balea, Sanft & Sicher, etc.

Facelle, Altapharma, etc.

Aveo, Blink, etc.
Wide range of cosmetics
Clearly arranged with nice layout

Almost no food & beverages
Not as cheap as discounters
Furniture stores

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Rather cheapFurniture, kitchen, garden & much more50


Many small lesser known brands Great for furnishing a flat
Vast range of products

Most of the time located in more remote places
Can be very large and easily be disoriented by the layout
Electronic stores

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Proceed to offer
AverageWide choice of electronic goods>260

No own brands Provides vast range of electronic products
Brand products

Can be expensive without sales


Many Germans prefer buying their food in discounter stores, such as “Aldi”, “Lidl” or “Netto”. These are especially cheap when compared to other supermarkets and therefore are very popular with students.

They have a small range of products and many no-name brands to allow for such cheap prices. However, they offer everything needed for everyday life and a nice layout due to a smaller range of products.

These are the widest spread type of supermarkets and should normally be found in close proximity, enabling shorter travels to your food.


Hypermarkets are not found as regularly in Germany as in countries like the United States. The most popular hypermarkets are “Kaufland” and “Real”, which both offer an impressive variety of products, including food and beverages, and even clothes or other utilities for the household.

Sadly, these are not as common as other supermarkets, as they need much larger spaces, which can make it rather difficult to get there if one isn’t close by or no car is available to drive there.


The two dominating supermarkets in Germany are “Rewe” and “Edeka”, which together consist of over 5000 stores.

These supermarkets are probably the ones with the most welcoming atmosphere as they are very well arranged and structured. They also provide many more services, such as a meat counter, many organic (“bio”) products or even a delivery service over their online stores <links>

They offer a vast range of products, including most known brands, making them more expensive. However, they also provide some house-brands which are much cheaper making it comparative to prices in discounters.


Unlike the other, these mainly offer cosmetic items, such as hair-care products or make-up. The most popular ones are “Dm” and “Rossmann”, which can be found in every bigger city.

They display the largest range of cosmetic goods, showing almost all products from bigger brands.

Normally to makes their stores easy to visit, they are often located in or near the city center.

Furniture stores

These can be very helpful when furnishing your flat or looking useful cooking utensils and cookware.

Due to offering large spaces to display all of the furniture, unfortunately they often are located far from the city or in industrial areas, making them harder to visit and requiring a larger time commitment to look through than your average supermarket.

Electronic stores

In stores like “Media Markt” or “Saturn” you can find all kinds of electronics. They offer everything from electronics for the kitchen like fridges and microwaves or for entertainment purposes like  TVs or gaming consoles.

These stores are especially worth a visit during a sale or otherwise online to easily access all their products and new offers.