Hey, I am Tolga from Turkey.

I was an Erasmus student and stayed in Germany for 5 months. It was a huge experience in my life that changed my entire life in only 5 months.

I thought I know German and I can live easily in Germany with the fact knowing the language. However, it didn’t work out like that, after the second day in Germany I realised that it will be a very hard 5 months. Therefore, after 3 days my Erasmus experience started;

Firstly, I started meeting with the other people in my language classroom and I met people one by one; Finland came first then Poland, Indonesia, India, Croatia and at last I met with the Bulgaria. I am talking about the culture and the people at the same time. When I met with one of them, I also met with their culture. Even I couldn’t understand German, we, exchange students, could communicate in English since it was the common language among us. Oh wait.. I forgot to mention about my old German friends and my buddy.. they are the best ! Maybe I couldn’t talk German but they made me talk in German, because they knew that I wanted to learn it. First, my buddy took me to her friends home and she introduced me with her friends. They were talking in German for me even if I didn’t understand. It was a perfect welcome and it helped me to see that Germans are also like us in some points.

Furthermore, after my first 2 or 3 weeks I totally got used to my new home, Pforzheim. It was a little village but I started calling it home because it was my dream life in dream village. Anyway, every week I went to parties, 2 times in a week I played basketball with Germans and also with some of the exchange students. This way I met with incredible people that made me love Pforzheim.

So, 4 months has past like this. We ate breakfast together, we went to school together, we came back to dorm and chilled together, we went for camping together, we partied together and we slept together with these different people. We started loving each other, we argued, we laughed and we cried all together until the last day of our exchange. Even we were living together as bunch of people, we had a mother, little kid and brothers and sisters among us. So everyone was attached to each other and everyone loved and still loves each other.

I can’t finish writing my experience in Germany and Pforzheim even in one week. So I want to talk about my last week in Germany. One by one people started to go back to their “real” home and I was one of the last that left Pforzheim, my home. In my last week, I continued travelling and discovering new things in Germany, but in the mean time I cried again and again because my family was falling apart one by one. It might seem like a long and sad story but actually it was the best experience I had in my whole life.

Germany and Pforzheim made me a different person. I am looking forward to see my friends, my family, again in the future!

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