General information

Located in Berlin, Germany, X-Patrio provides personalized advice and implementation for students and any other expatriates coming to Germany. 

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X-Patrio offers information about Bank Accounts, Blocked Accounts, and Health Insurances in Germany. Those accounts can be created in a fully digital way through the company’s website.

Opening a Blocked Account

X-Patrio offers a PDF guide on how a Blocked Account can be opened and the entire application process.

  1. Fill in the check-up, which assesses online of if you need a Blocked Account and to which amount.
  1. Upload the required information and documents.
  1. X-Patrio will verify the process and sends an account opening confirmation.
  1. You can now transfer your blocked amount to your Blocked Account – use the Federal Republic of Germany as the beneficiary of the transaction. X-Patrio will send you a confirmation once the transfer is carried out.
  1. With this confirmation you can apply for your German visa in local embassies, consulates or foreigners authorities.
  1. After receiving your valid visa, you can travel to Germany. There will be a second verification by X-Patrio.
  2. The payout of the monthly amount will be transferred to a German current account. X-Patrio supports setting-up this account aswell. 
  3. If any inconvenience occurs, the customer and the authority’s service provide help.