General information

Fintiba was founded in 2016 and is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The company focuses on helping international students by offering tailor-made online solutions for people interested in coming to Germany to work or study.

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Fintiba offers two kinds of packages for students. The “Basic” option includes a Blocked Account for a quick set-up for incoming students. The option “Plus” meanwhile also includes a Health Insurance to ease the process and for students not having to search for a Health Insurance independently.

Fintiba Basic: Blocked Account

Fintiba Plus: Blocked Account + Health Insurance + Travel Insurance

Opening a Blocked Account

Fintiba offers guidance opening an account on their website. Download their official process overview (PDF) to keep an eye on your application progress.

  1. Click on “OPEN ACCOUNT NOW” and fill out the registration details
  1. To open the Blocked Account you only need your passport – After the account has been opened in your own name, the required blocked amount can be transferred.
  1. Online booking conformation will be issued. This includes access information to an online platform for the respective embassy or consulate.
  1. You can now apply for your visa for Germany at the local embassy, consulate or foreigners authority.
  1. In case the local authority either requires an increased monthly sum or a minimum balance, the blocked balance can be adjusted easily.
  1. After receiving the visa, you can travel to Germany.
  1. The payout of the monthly amount will be transferred to a German current account. This account can be opened at any bank of choice in Germany.
  1. Depending on your legitimation status, you can now either:

1) complete the legitimation or

2) set up the payouts right away.

  1. The monthly payouts can now be set up in the Fintiba WebApp to receive the agreed amount automatically on a monthly basis.


Fintiba Contact

+49 69 1200 620 66 20