One year at Pforzheim University :

Hi everybody , my name is Nacho and I am 20 years old, I was last year studying International Business at Pforzheim university.

At the beginning was a little bit hard for me because of living alone without my parents and in an other country. I’ve been studying German since I’m 4 years old so the language wasn’t a problem for me.

The first week of class was very interesting because the university creates a kind of guided game of companies to see who manages it better in a couple of hours, there I met many people and made many friends who accompanied me throughout the year that I was studying there.

Aside from the friends of my bachelor, I made many good friends when I entered in an initiative called Commeo. I made friends with all students from different backgrounds doing their bachelor degree and not only with ones in Business School. Additionaly also entered the Pforzheim tennis club and played for the team.

Pforzheim gives you a lot of opportunities to meet a lot of different people and also gives you many future opportunities because of the connection to other universities all around the world (more than 80 partners).

To study in Germany is a big opportunity for all who want a good future. Also living alone gives you the piece of maturity that we all need in our lives living in the WG’s Wohngemeinschaftten (shared appartment) where you live with other students and can meet new cultures.

Summarizing I recommend all of you to study in Germany if you have the opportunity, and I also recommend to invest time into the German language to be able to control classes better and to enjoy more the interaction with your classmates and friends. I also recommend people who want to study in Germany that they shoud get a few cooking skills so you don’t have any problems regarding a proper university nutrition. 😀

You must be open to meet new people everyday, at every moment. The last advice I would give to you is, don’t go with prejudice to Germany. German people are much better than what you have been hearing about them, if you have the luck to know German people as well as I did, you will see that they have a big humour and heart and you will love this culture.

So make a good decision and study in Germany if you have the opportunity.

I recommend it 100%!

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