One of the first things you may want to take care of as soon as arriving you arrive in Germany, is probably access to the digital world. Phone contracts and home internet connection have become essential for every student. Allow yourself to stay in contact with your family to enjoy yout free-time streaming music/movies at home, and have any information necessary at your fingertips.

In the following categories we have listed the most important providers and their offers. You can compare each one and choose the one that suits you the best!

Phone Contracts

Staying available can be very important. Phone contracts allow you to call your friends, make other importation appointment and with a data plan stay online through your smartphone. 

Where can you get a SIM card?

You can find SIM cards in your nearest electronic shop; however, this may prove to be difficult if not communicating in German. Another option is to order one online on a network provider’s official website. For this purpose, we have compared the most important providers for you, so you can choose the one best suited for you in terms of prices and bonuses they offer.

What do you need to receive and activate the SIM card you have bought online?

  • Valid identification document (for example: ID, passport, drivers license)
  • E-mail address
  • A German address they can send the SIM card to
  • Online-verification via video call  or  Offline-verification at closest official store 

Internet & TV Packages

You won’t have to miss out on these luxuries because we have compared internet packages to help you access more of the internet for cheaper. Do you want to watch your favorite sport in your new place you call your German home? There are possibilities of TV packages, where you will have access to all German channels.

What should I watch out for?

If your stay and exchange in Germany is one semester, you should carefully choose contracts without a minimum month commitment. Without being aware of this, you might end up having to pay for a contract after you have already left the country if there is a certain month commitment.

In case you plan to stay longer than a semester, the minimum month commitment and running time of a contract will be a better option for you. We advise to always look out for how long this minimum commitment is, as this may differ between contracts. When having chosen a contract of this sort you will have to keep in mind that you will need to cancel the contract in time. Cancellation times may differ between contracts; however, the cancelling period is normally at least three months before leaving Germany, otherwise the contract may automatically extend.

Both options often become more expensive after the first 12 months, and that the prices listed upon signing a contract/month by month plan are only for those first 12 months. Contracts with a minimum month commitment are then cheaper that ones without this minimum commitment, which is why this longer contract option is a better option if planning on staying longer.

What contracts are available?

We have listed internet contracts without a minimum monthly commitment and others with minimum monthly commitment (these often include a landline phone). Depending on the length of your stay, choose according to your needs. We also have listed combinations of internet and TV plans; however, they are only available with a minimum monthly commitment.

What do you need for Internet or TV packages?

Not all internet and TV options that are offered by providers are always available. Because of this, the provider will ask for your address at the beginning of this inquiry and purchase process to check what options are available in your area.