Four years ago I started the adventure about studying in Germany, I finished already my Bachelor in Civil Engineering and next year I will finished my Master of Science. This has been the most life enriching experience that I have ever had and I want to share it with you reader, so that you hoppefully don’t miss this one life time opportunity.

Back in school in my last year I was confronting the big decision about staying in Colombia or going to Germany for my studdies.  I was specially interested on studyng in Germany because of the excellent level for engineering carreers. So my decision was between staying at home taking the easy way and having more time with my family and old friends, or going to Germany to get the best possible education that I had. In the end I decided myself to take the risk always thinking that if it wouldn’t work, there would be always the opportunity to come back so that there is actually nothing to worry about.

After getting to Germany I saw how my dreams where getting real, and how all my fears where just a lot of nonsense. The academic level keep impressing me every day, it’s incredible to see that many of the things that are needed all over the world for building got developed in Germany and by your proffesors. All the time I get to know really cool people from all over the world, I didn´t only improve remarkable my german, I also improved my english and french because of the forner students that you get to know. I also had different impressing jobs where I could learn many incredible things and got good paid.

The academic life is really interesting because Germany put a lot of resources and value on education, so that you will find in the universities really incredible professors and students. There is normally a lot of help available so you can overcome difficulties and can understand the topics in the best way. It’s also really enriching that you can easily work in the university or in companies for a half time job. The posibilities for internchips are also incredible. And appart from working and studying is also really interesting to learn about the german culture, to see how big the current values of the germans are, so that their economic, education, health system, etc. every year world wide in the best positions stay. There is a lot of things to learn in Germany, that we can also try to apply in the future to improve the situation in our countries.

From the social point of view is Germany also really friendly, many germans are really cool and ready to help you, and you can also get to learn people from all over the world so that it’s never going to be boring for you. It’s an amazing experience that you can go walking or with the bike with your friends everywhere for party for example, without having the fear to get rob or something similar. You can do so many things like sport, picnic, cinema, bars and everyone is always in the mood to go out, so that you will met incredible people, with them you will keep in contact for your whole life.

Because of the mentioned topics and many other things is why I will always recommend to come to Germany. Overcome every fear and use the big help that germanyagents provide you. What keep us away of taking this big decisions are just silly fears that we have, because we don’t inform ourselves enough. In this Website and other places you can see how easy everything in the end is, and how many people like me already achieved big dreams coming to this great country that has enourmes things to offer.

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