Hello everyone!

I am Kuo and I am from China. I am currently positioning car exterior designer in Alfa Romeo and Maserati in Torino, Italy.

I am really honoured to share my stories with lovely Germany. Time wasn’t easy for me when I applied for Hochschule Pforzheim majoring transportation design which is regarded as one of the best three vehicle design curriculums in the world. And more importantly, it’s free! I have been prepared elaborately to apply for Pforzheim for one year since I graduated from my bachelor college in China. Difficult experiences occurred during this year such as rejection of visa, loss of documents, failure of exams and so on… However, I found all those difficulties and hardships are worthy after I started my study in Pforzheim!

I received one of the best car design educations in the world. Our professor is an old cool Scottish man who always makes jokes with us. He is so patient and open minded with our studies as well. Our sketches and ideas were reviewed by two outstanding and experienced car designers from Mercedes-Benz every Wednesday evening which was our busiest time. Meanwhile, I met lots of lovely friends from all over the world: Germans, Spanishes, Norwegian, Italians, British, Russians, Indians, Koreans, Chinese and so on. I feel like they’re the coolest people in the world! We studied together, we partied together, we travelled together, we laughed together, we cried together, we made jokes together, we played pranks together, we did crazy things together… These will be precious memories in my whole life!

I started my thesis project after I had a great intern in Munich from September 2015 to March 2016. The design part was finished in the studio in Pforzheim and the physical model was finished in Beijing. That was quite a hardworking time and from which I learned a lot. The degree show finally came and it is one of the great advantages of Pforzheim in car design education because many great designers and directors from the best car company come on these days. They liked my project quite much and I talked a lot with them. It was quite successful for me in general. I received many business cards and I was so happy after I got the job offer from Alfa Romeo and Maserati. All in all, I had my best study time, my best friendships, even my best love in Germany. So that’s it, it’s a place worth trying, try to build up your dream!

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