Before or as soon as arriving in Germany, you will have to find a place to stay and there are several options you may choose from. You can either move into a privately-owned dorm, a public dorm, a shared flat or into your own flat.


There are two types of dorms in Germany. In both it’s easy to meet many new people to have fun with and also in both all of the essentials should be equipped, such as washing machines, a fridge or a stove.

Public dorms managed by association with the universities are much cheaper in comparison to private ones.  They are often equipped much more simply, but provide everything necessary for a pleasant stay. These are more often than not, closer to the university itself.

To find these in your City, type into Google: “Studentenwerk” + [name of your city] or “Wohnheim” + [name of your city]

Language of these websites can normally be changed on the top.

Privately-owned dorms are often much more expensive than public ones ran in association with the university. However, they are most of the time much more modern and provide nicer interiors, compared to their counterparts. They have become far more popular in recent times, as they are more available in bigger cities, where rooms in public dorms are very limited. When having problems finding a room elsewhere, you should try contacting one of these privately-owned dorms.

To find the ones near you, type into Google: “Privates Wohnheim” + [name of your city]

Shared Flat

Most students in Germany live in one of these shared flats, as it is one of the cheapest ways of living and provides many benefits if you like other people around you.

If you prefer living with a group in a shared flat, you can either join an existing shared apartment or initiate one yourself with friends.

Shared apartments are ideal for people who enjoy the company of others and are open to meeting Germans. This is the best way to directly experience the German culture with the high chances of having local flatmates, with whom you can acquire new experiences and maybe even form new friendships with. Cook, eat and party together to form new bonds and have fun!

To find a shared apartment you can visit following websites:


Just Landed

Immobilienscout24 (only available in German)

Own Flat

Of course, there is also the option of renting your own place. Although this is the most expensive option, it opens many doors, as you are not restricted to specific locations like dorms and you can decide yourself, which requirements should be met, which can be especially useful if you are planning to stay for a longer time. They are also quieter than the other options, as no other students would be around to distract you.

This is also the stay with the most choices since there are many flats available. You can find  flat comparison websites like Nestpick, Just Landed, Immobilienscout24 or Immowelt.

Many of the apartments are also furnished, so you may not have to worry about buying your own furniture.