One of the main criteriums to obtain a German student visa is the creation of a blocked account, that proves your financial security for your studies in Germany.

General information

Foreign students from a Non-EU Member State must proof that they have the financial means to pay for all their expenses for one year in Germany, during their visa application. The blocked account (Sperrkonto) is a special bank account in Germany created specifically for this purpose.

By allocating a certain amount of money at the blocked account over a fixed limit set by the German government, a person willing to reside in Germany for a period of time testifies he’s able to handle all expenses that may occur during that time.

The total amount submitted will be blocked from the account holder until he or she arrives in Germany. Also, there are limitations on the amount that can be withdrawn or transferred by the account holder within a specific period of time. Currently this is 720€ per month unless the account holder has paid in more than the prescribed minimum amount. This money is transferred from your blocked account to your regular account, from where you can freely withdraw the money.


It is estimated that a student will spend around 720€ per month. Multiplied by 12, the total minimal amount is therefor currently fixed at 8.640€. This value sets the minimum amount of money to be deposited in the blocked account to prove your financial means to receive a student visa.

Opening a blocked account

Choose one of the two providers and follow the instructions:

ProviderTime Of CreationInitial FeeMonthly FeeApp

Proceed to offer

More information
Within a week €89.00€4.90Yes

Proceed to offer

More information
Within a week€49.00€5No

How long does it take to open a blocked account in Germany?

The required time it takes to open a blocked account in Germany depends on several factors like your nationality, the provider, the workflow of the German embassy, your paperwork, etc. If everything goes according to plan, your blocked account should be ready within a week from the day you submit your application.

Sometimes banks receive a high number of applications at the same time from international students, delaying their response time. Therefor we recommend starting the necessary procedures as soon as you receive your admission letter from university to avoid getting stuck in bureaucratic jams.