Our Vision

We empower young people around the world, by providing them with opportunities to expand a positive global mindset, using their full potential to develop themselves and their communities to lead a fulfilled life for a better future.

Our Mission

Our goal is to simplify the access to education in Germany for everyone.

We reach this by providing high quality, easy to understand and practical information about studying and setting up your life as a foreign student. 

Working together with educational institutions and with our insider tips, as students, soon you will be walking around Germany like a local.

We want to be your friend and guide you through your studies. With your acquired knowledge and skills you will seize the career opportunities that Germany and the world offers.

Who are we and how do we contribute to the international students community in Germany?

Neal Dietrich

I am Neal Dietrich, currently a student and a help for every student wanting to explore Germany. Since I was a little kid I liked to help those who had just moved to a new home and this has good reasons.

Having German parents but born in Ireland, I went to elementary and middle school in Spain for 7 years, then moved to China for 3.5 years and finally finished my high school in Colombia. This, always meant I had to be good at adapting fast and quick to new surroundings. After school I decided to go back to China to study Chinese for a year and start my Bachelor Degree of International Business in South Germany. After completing 4 of 7 semesters in Germany I went to do an internship in Colombia for half a year and then moved to Taiwan for my semester abroad. At this point you can probably imagine that I was already very familiar with all kinds of problems foreigners face when moving to a new city or country.

The toughest part of every new journey is always the first two months, where not only the language and the culture is different but also the food, the customs, and the communication. These barriers make it sometimes hard for anyone to find the right accommodation, set up a bank account, choose the best type of insurances, make new friends, find a basketball team and many others things. This is why for many years I wondered how to turn these two stressful and exhausting months into a positive experience not only for me but also for all international students moving to my home country. How could those months become the best ones of their whole stay? This is when I decided to start NJD GERMANYAGENTS UG.

Benjamin Bodinus

I am studying Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Management at the moment. In contrast to the life of my friend Neal, growing up to me meant to stay in my hometown until I started studying at the age of 20. For me it was never necessary to face the challenges which are related to going abroad and set up a new life in another country surrounded by a new culture. But this changed when I decided to do an exchange semester in Taipei in Taiwan.

I deliberately chose Taiwan for an exchange semester because I wanted the full experience of going abroad. I wanted to know what is going to happen when there is no other option than to deal with a new environment, a new language, new people and a new culture. I did it because I am convinced that leaving your comfort zone and to cope with an unfamiliar situation will help you to gather experiences no school is able to teach you. The impressions and the things I learned during this experience exceeded everything I could have ever imagined but I also realized that moving to a new country is related to a lot of challenges and unexpected barriers which are easy to overcome if you are familiar with the culture.

But if you are not used to a situation like this then even small things like ordering food or buying groceries in the supermarket can be difficult. Within the first 2 or 3 weeks after my arrival I started to realize how helpful it is to be around someone who helps you with getting a local mobile number, showing you where you can buy cheap food, familiarizing yourself with a completely unknown culture, and helping you to make the first steps to a new daily life as easy as possible. This is also the reason why I want to help NJD GERMANYAGENTS UG with its project of supporting young people to set up a new life in a new surrounding. Taking away this inconvenience in the beginning will help you to enjoy the exciting side of going abroad as early as possible.

Manuel Eckarth

I was born and raised in Southern Germany and lived in Venezuela for half a year after finishing school. I study International Business at the Business School Pforzheim and will finish my studies with a double degree program in Monterrey, Mexico.

In Venezuela, I found my passion for helping out people in unfamiliar environments working in a travel agency and in a hostel. Giving our guests all they need to make their stay an unforgettable experience was a very fulfilling task.

Back in Germany, I joined the university association “gemini e.V.” which connects the exchange students with the local German students coordinating a buddy match program and organizing parties and day trips. For 3 semesters, I have led the gemini Event team which brings together all students in regular gatherings and parties.

I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge about German customs and traditions with you and helping you to get started in Germany.

Maximilian Conrady

I am currently a student of International Business at Pforzheim University. I mainly stayed in my home country – Germany – for most of my life, which always meant escaping from this comfort zone was a huge challenge.

My first so called “real experience” was my last semester, which I did in China, a decision which changed me entirely. I wanted the real shock of cultures, which should help me to find myself and adapt to a new culture and language.

The first weeks weren´t easy and comfortable, but it made me stronger day by day. I understood that the tiniest help I received from locals was more significant that I earlier had expected. Through this it quickly turned out to be the best time of my life!

Having had such an amazing experience, I want to encourage and support you foreign exchange students to explore Germany to make you feel at home immediately.

Sean Dietrich

I am currently a student at Pforzheim University, where I study International Business.

Over my life, I have lived in several very different countries, such as Colombia, China and Spain, which has shaped my life. Due to these amazing experiences, I have learned a lot about these fascinating cultures and met a lot of interesting people.

Having moved many times, I understand the importance of help in unfamiliar grounds, enabling to settle in as fast as possible into everyday life and devote yourself to other important aspects.

I hope for others to be able to make such experiences themselves and am looking forward to helping them on their journey to Germany.

Jacy Mahoney

I studied Business Management at Luther College in Iowa, USA where I heavily focused on the international side of things. Whilst attending university I was involved with the study abroad office because I loved the logistics of travelling. I’ve dreamt of working at international schools, for travel agencies, airlines, basically anything that gives me an excuse to help someone better their experience abroad.

I studied abroad in Prague and went through a company based in America that set everything up for me: housing, visa applications, phone plans, excursions, volunteer opportunities, and social clubs. I loved this company; however, we all know that these “all-inclusive” packages come at a high price. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my experience abroad but when I look back on it, I know there was a cheaper way. This is where I wish there would have been something like NJD GERMANYAGENTS when I went abroad.

As a post grad, I know that we all love to save money, and as a student it’s nice to have extra saved money to travel. Here at NJD GERMANYAGENTS we make it easier for you and cheaper for you to get the best experience out of Germany.

Louisa Schütte

I grew up between cultures. For the most part I was raised in Germany but I travelled from an early age onwards to see our family in Honduras. Therefore I learned Spanish when I was little and I also speak English and French.
During high school, I did an exchange to Bolivia and to the Netherlands and after graduating from high school I volunteered in southern France. The travelling spirit has accompanied me ever since and thus led me to decide to do my university internship in Bogota.

Experiencing different points of views and ideas about how the world is can be very enriching, but sometimes one also faces some difficulties of getting everything set in a new country. It is always much easier to have knowledgeable friends to help this person and one can ask them for good advice. I was very well received by all of my travels because either I met friends or I found great people on Couchsurfing that helped me to find my way around their country.

It is those great experiences I had whilst travelling that always made me want to give something back to other fellow human beings that are brave enough to move to a foreign country. I will be happy to answer your questions and free you of any doubts so you can happily start your adventure in Germany.

Andreas Benderscheid

I am former economics student and just returned from a year abroad in Spain. Being born in a small village near Cologne, I have always wanted to see the world and get out of my comfort zone at home. Since I graduated high school, I went to visit a lot of places all over the world and managed to find myself a few new homes around the world too. Having made these amazing experiences, I aim to share these with people who want to achieve the same in Germany.

During my studies in Heidelberg I volunteered for the “Buddy” – Program, which aims at helping foreign students with their new lives in Germany. Addtionally, I was part of Aiesec Heidelberg, an university organization which sends students abroad during semester breaks, to volunteer for social projects all over the world. As I put a lot of effort into these two projects, I realized how much students have to deal with, when they plan to go abroad and with which struggles they have to fight. For that reason, Neal did not have to convince me of the importance of his newly founded organization. I decided straight away to put in my effort and to assure students coming from all over the world to Germany to have a semester without having to deal with any worries!

Julian Bamberger

I am currently studying International Business in my third semester at Pforzheim University.

As a child of a Spanish mother, l was raised bilingual and I visited the Spanish part of my family several times a year. But after I finished school I wanted to experience the country in another way, so I decided to move to Madrid for five months to attend a language school. Although I already knew the Spanish culture for the most part, it was really hard for me to adapt to the everyday life of a Spaniard and to make friends in this huge city.

The first week of my stay was very strange for me, because I had never lived on my own without my family. But at the end of those five months I was disillusioned with the end of my stay, because Madrid felt like home to me.

I support NJD GERMANAGENTS UG to help international students settling in their new environment and making their exchange an unforgettable experience.

Felipe Corral

I am Colombian having studied Political Economy at the University of Heidelberg, I am currently enrolled in the Masters Program in Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. After graduating from high school, I moved to Germany and from there, I attended one semester at the National University of Singapore.

Hence, adapting to new environments, struggling to take roots and dealing with the challenges posed by time, distance and cultural differences, is a part of my essence.

Since I have received a lot of support in order to be able to enjoy experiences abroad, I would very much like to help others in similar situations.

Niklas Brenner

I guess almost everyone has already been in the same situation: alone, foreign, insecure. Probably also you, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. In 2013, I was in a situation like this, as well, during my exchange year in Australia. There I noticed that a guide, someone who is there for you right from the beginning and assisting you in your everyday life, is crucial – and makes your exchange easier and better. However, there is not always someone there, whenever you need them. Especially when you are foreign and new to other cultures and people. But one thing is certain: once you master these challenges your exchange is going to be one of the best moments in your entire lifetime.

Thus, it is very important to overcome those barriers to be able to make the most of this unique opportunity. That’s why I like to be part of NJD GERMANYAGENTS to encourage and help other people to be able to spend an unforgettable time in Germany.

Annaëlle Ayrault

I come from France and I’m in Germany for a year. I can tell you that for me the German language is as simple as understanding an unresolvable problem of mathematics -but please don’t lose hope. When I arrived here, everything was new. I had to open a bank account, learn sign language, sign up in college etc. so even though I was very well received, I can understand that moving to a new country is not the simplest thing in life. In France, I was part of the ESN buddy system in which I helped foreign students to move in and find accommodations. It was great to see my buddies evolve during their stay. So why not do the same in Germany by joining the NJD GERMANYAGENTS team? I am having a great experience here and I am happy to help you make your stay more enjoyable and unforgettable.